TimeAge Inc., founded in Kyoto, has enhanced the skills of VR content technology in order to cope with cultural assets overflowing in its international tourist and cultural city.From the viewpoint of archives and cultural property protection, we have learned the importance of maintaining high quality that meets the needs of customers while repeating valuable cultural asset VR content.

In the background that TimeAge's VR content creation stance is supported by many customers, it can be said that there is a result that has constantly created innovative high-definition content from such trial and error. We will continue to approach "various markets" aiming at "multi-functionality of high-definition pixels" from now on. Also, we would like to continue to repay favors to the temples shrines through the business from now on, who are cultural asset owners who sent TimeAge Inc. to the world.

TimeAge Inc.
Representative Director
Yoshimi Ippitsu


Prime VR Photograph

Subjects will be recorded beautifully. It will continuously protect the subjects.

In 2016 called "the first year of VR", TimeAge received the Ministry of Internal Affairs' ICT Regional Revitalization Grand Prize Encouragement Prize in business model utilizing VR content for cultural property protection.

We will always continue to provide high-definition content in the most advanced area at all times without falling behind evolving VR technology and AR and even MR&SR technology. We will contribute to society as the development type enterprise of production of contents and so that TimeAge's activities will always be connected with the revitalization of the region, the companies and they can use it as a new business tool.


Grand head temple of the Shingon sect Chisan-ha, Chishakuin Institute (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city)

Photographed in June 2018.
Grand head temple of the Shingon sect Chisan-ha, Chishakuin Institute is located in the southern part of the Higashiyama Sanju-Roppo' (36 mountain range) in Kyoto city, where about twenty temple cathedrals are embraced by deep green trees leading to the mountain peaks. The premises of Chishakuin Institute which have been colored by a number of times until now will invite you to an eternal history, therefore please quietly observe it.
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Company Profie

Business name
TimeAge Inc.
(Kana notation: タイメージ , English notation: TimeAge Inc.)
Establishment date
February 5, 2010
55 million yen
(corporate number: 5130001044846)
Capital reserve
35 million yen
Board of Directors
Representative Director: Yoshimi Ippitsu
Senior Managing Director: Toshimasa Miura
Director: Shinya Tsuji (tax accountant)
Director: Shoko Ippitsu
Director: Shoichi Fukui
Auditor: Masaki Honda (patent attorney)
Representative Director
Number of employees
17 people
Organization chart
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Number of outstanding shares
20,375,000 shares of common stock
Accounting period
December 31
[head office]
1F Nishijin-sangyo-sozo-kaikan (Former Nishijin Telephone Office),
97 Kainokamicho, Nakadachuri, Nishi-iru, Aburanokoji-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
[Tokyo base (Preparation room)]
2F Central Building, within Fabbit Kyobashi,
1-1-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business purpose
01.Development, production, sales and operation of VR (Virtual Reality) contents
02.Development, production, sales, and operation of AR (Augmented Reality) contents
03.Development, production, sales and operation of MR (Mixed Reality) contents
04.Research and technology development on digital archives
05.Research and development on cultural asset preservation
06.Management of development, build-out and consulting business of ICT business
07.Website management (including PC · mobile) website
08.Advertisement work and advertising agency business of WEB site
09.Operation of tabulation, analysis and diagnostic work by various authentication systems
Award/authorization history
March 2017
the Ministry of Internal Affairs' ICT Regional Revitalization Grand Prize Encouragement Prize
April 2017
The authorization company concerning the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and a management power improvement plan
July 2017
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry · Certified Company of Management Step Up of small-and-medium-sized-enterprises Wisdom Business.
August 2017
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry · Service etc. Improvement of productivity IT introduction support project authorization
October 2017
(A public interest incorporated foundation) Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21 and Kyoto economic gardening support strengthening business authorization company
Business hours