Joint Press Release with Registered Telecommunications Carriers Wire and Wireless Cooperation Company


Comments from Sohonzan, Ninna-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site where the demonstration experiment was conducted:

From the viewpoint of protecting cultural properties, TimeAge started this effort, and since this temple provided the field of demonstration experiment for the first time this spring, the circle of adopting this technology has gradually expanded. We heard that many valuable related data such as trends of worshipers are collected. This trial started in Kyoto where world heritage is gathering, we think that the opportunity that many people holding cultural assets in Japan know is of great significance. To those who are interested in regional revitalization, the fact that TimeAge’s “advertising power to protect cultural properties” business supports the national and local governments, and at the same time brings a sense of satisfaction to worshipers, we are convinced that this information will be shared with many people, and that is the reason why the temple will contribute a recommendation sentence. We hope that this effort will be spread all over the country in the near future.