Business Information
TimeAge's Prime VR Photograph

VR content in pursuit of the ultimate quality
The selected subject reflects "the highest beauty"

  • We will produce still picture VR photos of up to 500 million pixels in movie tone and will propose promotion of VR contents to each industry in accordance with the actual data transmission / reception environment.
  • By providing high-definition VR contents of up to 500 million pixels and various information tools while utilizing the ultimate quality image, we realized a website that responds to customer's requests, so that CTR (click Rate) can be dramatically enhanced.
  • The real site where many people gather is transformed into the world of virtual reality (VR), whereby various kinds of information required by customers are realized on VR contents, creating new business opportunities for them.
  • Our company realizes conversion of many cultural heritage including world heritage to VR contents and boosting killer contents in the digital world, thereby protecting cultural properties, revitalizing the community, and sharing roles as tourism promotion tools.


  • MAP

    It will distribute VR content on the original map and supports tourists

  • WEB

    It will overturn common sense of web production site with high-definition VR photograph as the main

  • Advertisement

    It will use VR content as media for WEB advertisement

  • Digital Archive

    It will preserve and utilize the "exhibition site" of permanent exhibitions and plan exhibitions of art museums and museums as a digital archive

  • Attract customers

    It will express the shopping mall in realism with high definition and realizes the directivity of cleanliness

  • Network

    It will digitally isolate individual isolated temples and cultural properties of temples and shrines through digital archive

  • Location

    It will support the production site of video works (movies, drama, CM, MV, background art)

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